Book Review: Obsidio, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Spoilers will be present in this review. You have been forewarned.
I don’t even know if I’ll be able to review this coherently.

You thought that Illuminae and Gemina were wild rides? You know nothing. This one was by far the best of the three, and the other two were pretty darn fantastic.

Honestly, I don’t know where to start. Characters? Characters.

—-Kady and Ezra—-
I have special fondness for Kady thanks to our shared name, but in all truth these two are my favorite. They’ve been with us since the beginning, she’s incredibly incredible, and i just love ok.
Having read about half of Illuminae yesterday to prepare for this, it’s just… something to see the character progression. They were high school students- the under-the-table computer prodigy and the geeball jock. Seventeen years old, freshly broken up. Then the invasion happened and everything went to hell and she’s Systems Chief- then basically Captain– and she’s still, like, eighteen years old.

Teenagers though they may be, these kids are powerful. They know their abilities and how to use them.

This book carried that particular theme and, especially reading it today (March 14, 2018- you don’t know, look it up. My gosh, look it up.), it meant so much.

Ezra’s- what are we calling it? Pretty much a fighter pilot, training other fighter pilots despite barely being trained himself. He’s precious and I love him. There is so much banter in this book and I love it.

—-Hanna and Nik (not to forget our favorite little spider!)—-
I doubt I’m the first to say that I adore Nik. Hanna took a little getting used to in the beginning of Gemina, but she has had an incredible character arc and I loved watching her… grow into herself. Nik is beautiful smol sinnamon roll and bless his heart. Yes.

ELLA, now… she’s (and I know I’m overusing this word, sorry not sorry) incredible. Basically immobilized, on faulty life support “held together with spit and good luck”, she saves them all. I’ll stop now, because that says it. She’s unbelievable.

—-Asha and Rhys—-
Gotta say that these two were my least favorite couple of all of them, but that’s not to say that I didn’t like them. I still don’t know what to think about their relationship, but considering all that went on, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. There’s too much to consider to really make hard judgement.

ONWARD because this is already the average length for my reviews and I’m not nearly done

Somehow, the realism of this series gets me every time. I’m a sucker for it, I know, but that never stops me from laugh-crying at the free-trial chat software or the genuine reactions everyone has to everything.

That last bit was a little unclear. In essence, at no point during this did I feel that a character’s emotional reaction was unreasonable or unrealistic. Hanna seem a bit… okay during Gemina, despite her dad’s death. Shock and adrenaline. It hits her in this one. Grief and anger and resentment and every little thing that’s been forcibly bottled up over the course of the past two books is finally allowed to surface on the Mao, and hell breaks l0ose.

As for the former bit regarding free trials: It was a little detail, yeah, but it was perfect. They’re scrambling right now, yeah, and this establishes it even more firmly. I have no idea why it stood out to me so much, but as one who has lived on free trials… yes. Very yes.

Also, seeing various names I recognize as characters or on casualty lists or lists of names or really just anywhere in these books has always been fun. Ish. Rest in peace, Sabaa White and Kiersten Tahir.

Finally (I’ve got to put a cap on this at some point, believe me, I could go on forever), the moral complexities of everything went through the roof. It’s one thing in Illuminae where the Copernicus was destroyed. Another thing in Gemina when everyone was at risk of the lanima, no matter the side they took.

But in Obsidio? Y’all.

“‘Would you kill one person to save one thousand, Little Spider?’

‘of course I would’

‘And by logical extension, would you not kill one thousand to save one thousand and one?'”


What else can I say?


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