Book Review: The Boy Who Steals Houses, by C.G. Drews

This book is a bundle of feels and numbness, sadness and life, bitterness and glitter and it is absolutely beautiful. For a contemporary, however, it is quite violent so if you are triggered by topics such as child abuse or ableism, it may be better to steer clear.

That said, I absolutely adored this book. I actually ended up reading it within a span of two or three hours, putting it down only once to make a quick in-room lunch (heaven forbid I postpone finishing long enough to go down to the dining hall), so for a person who doesn’t typically adore a ton of contemporary, I was impressed.

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The Boy Who Steals Houses is the story of Sam, a fifteen-year-old runaway who breaks into homes left empty on vacation in order to live in them, and tries as hard as he can to protect his older brother Avery, who is autistic. When he accidentally breaks into a non-vacant house, he ends up folded into a large and lively family convinced that he’s the friend of someone else. Ultimately, this is a sweet and sad Goldilocks retelling, and I’m so glad I got the chance to read it.

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