Universal Family Tree

For two years I’ve been working to compile a ‘universal family tree’, using both literary and historical sources, to be used in a planned project on the importance of ‘mythological’ genealogy in the legitimization of dynasties both within and outside of Europe. Thus far the family tree is comprised of over 6.8 thousand people, ranging from the characters of the Icelandic sagas to the Welsh roots of the Tudor dynasty to the assimilation of the descendants of Genghis Khan into more traditional governments.

Iona Wiki

This project centers around my primary work in progress (WIP), The Lost Isle, and seeks to organize the extensive amount of worldbuilding I have done over the years. Though much of my material will never even make it into the story as it is, I wanted a more concrete reference to use while writing and a place where I could worldbuild to my heart’s content. Read: a lot of worldbuilding. Have fun.

Writing Samples

The level of spoiler included is in the tags, if you’re worried about that! All fictional excerpts but for the last are from my primary work in progress, currently titled The Lost Isle. The first two samples, however, are examples of academic analyses.

Expressions of Gender and Power in the European Middle Ages

It is nearly impossible, if not impossible altogether, to find a period of time or a place where gender and power have not been linked. Whether examining… Read more “Expressions of Gender and Power in the European Middle Ages”

Source Analysis: the Trial of Joan of Arc

Analysis on a brief excerpt from the Transcript of the Trial of Joan of Arc —  There are two primary reasons demonstrated in this excerpt why the… Read more “Source Analysis: the Trial of Joan of Arc”

Annemarie (1)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that you probably shouldn’t break up with your boyfriend the week before you’re scheduled to travel the world with him. So I… Read more “Annemarie (1)”

Julia (2)

“I’m leaving,” I’d said as we lay in bed that morning. I’d opted to spend my last night at Jaina’s rather than my mom’s. She was Elske… Read more “Julia (2)”

Brandon (3)

It was in her moments of lucidity that I got the most nervous.  “I’m a damsel, Bran,” Annemarie whispered, shaking. “I didn’t think power felt like this.”… Read more “Brandon (3)”

Brandon (4)

The man at the bar grinned when I asked him for ginger tea. “Pregnant?” I coughed. “Me? Definitely not.” He laughed. “Not you. Your wife.” “Um… no.… Read more “Brandon (4)”

Julia (5)

And then I heard a voice that chilled my bones.  “If you don’t have money, we’ll take you anyway. The Red Saint can always do with more… Read more “Julia (5)”

Brandon (6)

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. . . . She leaned against me, exhausted. Dark circles hung under her eyes, but even if they hadn’t have been there, I’d have… Read more “Brandon (6)”

Julia (7)

I left Annemarie and Brandon, closing the door softly behind myself and heading down the rickety flight of stairs. I needed a stiff drink and a walk,… Read more “Julia (7)”

Glass – Ruth (8)

The next time I woke up, sunlight streamed through the window from a gap in buildings and painted the bed golden. My muscles ached a little bit… Read more “Glass – Ruth (8)”