Writing Music: The Art of the Aesthetic Playlist

I don’t know about you, but when I write I like to listen to music. I’m a very heavy aesthetic-based writer (one of my main WIPs refuses to be written anywhere outside of Wisconsin), and if I’m going to be productive I have to recreate it on this side of the computer screen.

Just a quick note, all of these playlists are actively growing and if you have a song suggestion please do comment it below! I love new ideas. 🙂

Screenshot (29).png

I typically use Spotify (nice student discount, also isn’t a billion-dollar, ridiculously-problematic, necessary-evil corporation *cough* Amazon *cough*) for my music needs and I will say that it does the job well. This isn’t a sponsored post- I wish- but I do like it a lot. Especially since I now get a student discount.

One of my favorite general-use playlists is the beautifully eldritch one. As one might guess, there’s a lot of Hozier on here with a solid contribution from ANĂšNA.

autumn aesthetics is my other most frequently-used, general playlist but that is much smaller and more often something I listen to while doing something else in order to get in the mood to write.

In all honesty, Untitled Lake WIP is no longer fully attached to the story it’s supposed to be attached to- it’s more a fun, swing-y aesthetic I write parties and gatherings to. beautifully eldritch probably encompasses the story more, but ULWIP remains a favorite as well.

I don’t listen to Cafe Aesthetic much anymore- still fun, but I haven’t needed to write any cafe scenes in awhile. Outlander and Hozier – Wasteland, Baby! are (incomplete) compilations of my favorite song from each discography. s l e e p is exactly what it sounds like. But I recently rediscovered WIP Lost Isle and, quite frankly, I’m impressed with 2018-Katie’s musical choices.

We got dramatic Latin music. We’ve got Sufjan Stevens. We’ve got X-Men. It, same as everything else, is a work in progress, but I will say that it gets the vibe of the story pretty well.

Hope you all enjoyed my brief Spotify tour! We’re back to our regular scheduled RPG series programming next Wednesday, so no worries if you’re here for that. Feel free to add me on Spotify or any other of my social media handles, and I’ll be back Friday for another book review!

Have a lovely Wednesday,



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