And Thus Begins Another Year

Since I went out on a limb a couple of months ago and talked more about myself in a brief Twitter rant (remember that Jonsa mess? I still hate it), you all know a little more about me and there’s no point staying overly quiet anymore. Which is weirdly freeing, after three years of paranoia. It’s no secret (well, a poorly-kept one at least) that teenage bloggers and creators aren’t treated very well in this community. 

Anyway, I may be making way bigger of a deal out of this than it needs to be, but I’m genuinely excited to embrace a decently big change (read: massive) in my life, and the implications it has for Bookwise. 

I’m talking about college. 

Hello, world. I’m currently studying Creative Writing at the University of Illinois. I won’t go further into that for privacy’s sake, but since this is a relatively recent development in my life, you might be interested. 

This summer has been much busier than I originally planned it, as I’ve been taking some online classes (read: 16-weeks condensed into 8-weeks, twice over), but with the increased course load has come the literal need to set boundaries. My days are for school and work, the evening for reading and entertainment. I finished Priory of the Orange Tree (review coming soon! Spoiler: I adored it), Courting Darkness, and a handful of other books, I’m in the middle of season two of Outlander (update one month after writing that bit: I am still in the middle of season two), and I recently watched Good Omens . Despite being almost as busy as I was last semester, I’ve read more over the past few months than I did throughout the beginning of the year.  

It’s no secret, either, that throughout the lifetime of Bookwise I’ve been at best a sporadic poster. I’m aware of this, and over the past few years, I’ve done my best to keep up-to-date, even during the busier periods. High school was, not going to lie, rough and I’m looking forward to the next few semesters as a time where I can micromanage even more than I have in the past. I’ve been scheduling a number of posts to go up throughout the year, and if I do it right (*crossing fingers*), you’ll be looking at at least one per week, August through May. I know better than to guarantee anything post-related, but I can promise you that I’m working hard now so that my classes don’t murder me (and Bookwise) later.  

So why am I posting all of this now? Aside from the vague hope that some of you might be at least somewhat interested in the life of your favorite irregular blogger
(ha), I’ve learned a thing or two about this job in the three years* that I’ve been at it. I am indeed a student, and have been for the large majority of my life- homework spills over, stresses build up, and not only do I not always have time to blog but I also have relatively little time to read or write in the first place. Fellow college bloggers, tell me how you do it! 

I’m only half joking with that. Please. Tell me. 

*my blogoversary was at the end of June! Happy birthday, Bookwise. 🎉 We’re solidly in toddler years, now.  😳

As a rule, I’m an anxious person so whenever I’m not posting, I worry about it. Do people pay attention? How weird is it going to look to have another six-month gap between posts? Will I lose engagement? And I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking it too: what kind of self-importance does someone have to have to be this concerned? Well, sorry, Anxiety and People-Who-Are-Concerned-About-That-Sort-Of-Thing. It’s how my brain works. I know it doesn’t matter as much as I think it does, but that changes absolutely nothing. 

More importantly, I miss it. I miss the knowledge that posts are going up and people, no matter how few, are reading them. I miss taking bookstagram pictures. I miss responding to a comment or two every month. It kills me to work on homework and other assignments without blogging (all three together? Perfect.), but I am studying what I love and that’s better than nothing. 

If you’ve made it this far through an angsty post, good job!  I’m proud of you. Here’s a whiplash-inducing subject change to reward you for reading all that. I present: a vague plan for the next few months. *quiet cheering*

I have three general formats that I’m planning to post. This is how they are named in my post list Google Doc:

  • Monday – Life/College as a Book Person 
    • I’m planning to talk about such things as my creative writing classes, how I make time to read (*hopefully*), what books I’m bringing with me, and how I’m fitting them into my dorm.
    • I’ll also talk about more serious things- ageism in the book blogger community, dealing with mental health in university, and the like.
    • I’m going to let myself go a little out of my niche with this. Not sure how this’ll play out, but I’m thinking week-in-reviews, maybe a recipe I tried and found particularly nice, a good walk I got nice pictures on- it’s open and I’m rather excited to branch out!
    • This is the series that’s going to require the most work considering that I won’t have material until I’m actually in the thick of things, but I’m hoping that it will be easier to write than anything else.
  • Wednesday – RPG writing
    • A bit of a misnomer, but it’s a working title so I’ll let it pass. This is probably the series I’m most looking forward to- it has to do with worldbuilding and developing your story with the same level of detail as you would a Skyrim or Dragon Age-type game. 
  • Friday – Book Reviews
    • As I’ve said before, I’m unfortunately not going to be able to keep these super current, but I’m reading as many ARCs and New library books as I can so that they might be somewhat recent. Again, I don’t know how much time I’m going to have once I get into the semester so I’m trying to get as many as I can schedule ahead of time. 

This has gotten to be a somewhat long post, so I think I’m going to wrap it up here. I am genuinely looking forward to what this year holds- I actually love academia- and, with luck, Bookwise will remain somewhat current. 

Hope you’ve all had a good year so far! 



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