NaNoWriMo 2017: Warm Ups, Week 1

10/31/2017 / 11/1/2017
With eight minutes to go, I can’t help but reflect on NaNoWriMos of the past and the NaNoWrimo of the very much not-distant future. Last year, I stayed up until two or so in the morning, writing as much as I could, and ended up dead in the morning. It wasn’t a fun day, to say the least! I’d counted down the minutes to midnight in a blog post, starting at an hour and a half before and ending with that all-too-famous quote: “May the odds be ever in your favor”. It was part of my tagline, that year- Happy Armageddon, and may the odds be ever in your favor. This year, it’s Valar Morghulis, y’all, and if you’re curious as to where in the blazing city I came up with that, I wouldn’t be able to answer it. High Valyrian and Southern contractions.

I live in Illinois, by the way. Notably not Valyria and/or Alabama.

Years before that, I didn’t approach NaNo so formally. My very first year- 2013- I wrote my story in two 99-cent composition notebooks, then proceeded to shove it in a drawer and try to forget. (I’m still trying. It was absolutely awful)
There’s one minute left, now. I don’t know if I’ll stay up late again- I’m pushing it with health, both physical and mental, this year- but regardless, I want to do something.
Valar Morghulis, y’all.

At this point in the story, Ryu has just finished his junior year with two finals- English and Government. I need to get to 3,333 (what a vaguely intimidating number) words today, and I’m at 1,776, typed. I’ve handwritten about 300, so hopefully, I’ll be able to get another 1.3k in tonight. The part I’m writing is out of order, but honestly, just aesthetic and I’m happy with it. It has the edge of magic that I adore, so hopefully, it’ll turn out well!

Somehow I’m pretty far behind already.

It’s double-up day AND I don’t have to do anything (aside from a grocery-store run) today, so I’m going to tackle the 3781 words I have to do in order to catch up. Ryu is telling his mom about how his finals went and needs to get from that somehow to a family dinner where he asks about the curse. I’ve got inspiration for that, definitely. And the scene after that has to do with meeting Adelaide and Katařina, and I’m covered for that. I’m pretty good, once I get past this one little spot.
So how can I do this? I’ll probably try Cait (PaperFury)’s method of writing in circles, which will turn out horribly, but at least I’ll have words down on the page. I should be writing that scene now instead of trying to figure it out here, soooo yep. I’ll probably write more of this later.


I have about 2k left to go today, and it’s 10:30 at night. I ran a load of laundry, made madeleines, and did my grocery run, along with reading two books of The Wicked, The Divine (glorious, by the way). A+ for procrastination, low D-range for actually doing what I need to do. I’ve written 1,796 words today so far, which is good but not enough. I’m going to stop writing this now for the night, and focus on doing writing sprints and hoping.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017: Warm Ups, Week 1

  1. I am only halfheartedly participating – I have a story I have been working on forever and I have just scrapped the whole lot and started anew – with the same characters with the same histories, but different present. See if it works this time 🙂 Good luck!


  2. I started one I have 12k words on. I put it down. I have picked up the one I started in 2014 for a university assignment. Our creative writing prof got us to do a NaNo. I let it sit in my Dropbox at 30k words for several years. Untouched except for some editing, which brought it down to 27k. I have had NOTHING but interruptions since November 1, of course, and I re-started with the half complete novel on the 7th. I’ve only added 2.5k words so far. Need to get cracking.


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