Book(s) Review: Saga Vol. 1-3

Ha. Haha. *runs away sobbing because I adore*

Before I go much further, I would like to make one thing clear: I do not often read books in formats other than the typical words-on-a-page sort of thing. This pretty quickly rules out audiobooks, ebooks, and the graphic novel family of media. Of which Saga belongs to.

But on a friend’s recommendation, I picked up the first book and breezed through it in one night- then proceeded to check out the remaining six and read three more*. And it is incredible.

So what, exactly, is it about? It’s about a mixed race, mixed species Romeo-and-Juliet-esque couple, recently defected from their respective sides, newly married, with a baby, and on the run. Their daughter has both her mother Alana’s wings and her father Marko’s horns, making her markedly different and a target for both sides. The entire family is traveling across the galaxy in a tree rocket ship (you heard me correctly) and with their live-in babysitter, a teenaged ghost girl who really only consists of a head, arms, and torso (she had stepped on a land mine). They’re pursued by several parties, including a bounty hunter with his trusty Honest Cat, Marko’s ex, another bounty hunter who happens to be half-woman half-spider, and the prince of the Robot Kingdom.

Sound weird? Heck yeah. It’s bizarre, yet simultaneously the most realistic anything I’ve read in a very long time.

Saga isn’t a love story in the traditional sense. It’s about that which happens after the romantic eyes-only-for-them story. It’s the part where they see the messier side of life, the snoring and the laundry and the dirty diapers and the 3am feedings, all alongside the whole fugitive thing. It’s learning how to be married despite major differences, learning how to be a parent and raise a kid as stable-y as can be, even though she’s growing up in a world where pretty much everyone wants to kill or capture her. It doesn’t censor things, because this is a harsh universe and- as The Will puts it- what kind of people would bring a child into worlds like these?

Saga carries the mundane and the fantastic, and molds them together into something completely unlike anything (dare I say?) the world has ever seen.

*I read volume 4 this afternoon, and there are only three left… help…


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