Underrated Characters | #TopTenTuesday

Some characters just don’t get credit where credit is due, and you know what? They deserve to be recognized once in a while. Today I’m utilizing the prompt of ‘Ten Lesser-Known Books’ and twisting it a bit for my own purposes, because why not? My internet’s not great today (fun fact you probably already know: hurricanes do make it over land sometimes. They just turn into massive thunderstorms and dump a ton of rain on us.), so Goodreads isn’t going to be happy with me and I can remember a lot more underrated characters than I can lesser-known books.

Unfortunately, thunderstorms also equal not being able to get outside and take book pics, and we’ll just have to recycle some old ones. But recycling is good! Reduce, reuse, recycle- was that what we all learned in elementary school? Except I’m not reducing the amount of pictures I use on here, because yes to book pictures.

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (5)

Kisimyr from A Darker Shade of Magic

“Who?” you’re probably asking right now. I mean, who would really remember the random lady in the bar with the protegee who came over to talk to Kell and who then was in the competition and- well, I just want to hear more about her. She’s insanely powerful and pretty mysterious- I’m hooked.


Imogen in Six of Crows

Ok fine, she wasn’t really a character- only one mentioned in passing. Once. BUT anyway, if you’ve even an inkling of who Kaz is, you know that she must have been quite an extraordinary girl for even baby Kaz to be attracted to her. So where is she? What happened to her? I NEED ANSWERS.

(she was Kaz’s childhood crush, by the way)

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (7)

Feral from Strange the Dreamer

So he managed to live with the company fate had given him for how many years? Just, come on. Look me in the eye and tell me that living with even only Ruby and Minya wouldn’t be… ah, interesting.


Zuzana and Mik from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Two things: yes, I know that this is now two Laini Taylor books on the same list, but when has that ever stopped me? And yes, I know Zuze and Mik are main characters.

But seriously!  Even for the attention they’ve received, they deserve more. I’m insanely stoked (is that what kids these days say? I’ve lost track, don’t judge me…) for Night of Cake and Puppets to come out in… what, two weeks? I’ve preordered it with one-day shipping, too, so it’ll come faster. xD


I mean, look at that cover. I swear this isn’t just me trying to advertise it, just me fangirling relentlessly. I need this book now, because Mik and Zuze are my heart and my love and yes.

I am a rabid fairy. I am a carnivorous plant. I am Zuzana.

And violin boy’s not going to know what hit him.

-Laini Taylor, Night of Cake and Puppets

Livia from Lady Midnight

I just adore her, okay? She and Ty are probably two of my favorite characters in this particular Clare series (Julian aside, because come on), and she doesn’t get nearly enough page time. And that plot twist destroyed me and possibly will shape the entire last book and I honestly don’t know if I’m ready to deal with that.

Also, she and my smol sister are about the same age, and Cassie Clare wrote it perfectly– she’s still young, but not young enough to be a child, getting older, but not old enough to take on adult responsibilities. She wants to make a difference, but Julian and Emma still see her as a kid and don’t really listen to her and- well, you get my point.

Evangeline from Throne of Glass

No, I don’t use Throne of Glass for many posts anymore because there are some… major issues, and I’m currently debating whether or not to post that particular discussion. But nonetheless, Evangeline is adorable and pure and seriously: if she and Fleetfoot the dog became the main characters in the story, I’d be fine.

I guess this just turned into a which-side-character-needs-attention post… ah, well.

Also, as a general warning: in the coming days, my computer may die. Should this happen before I expect it to, I might miss posting on a day or two. I’m going to hopefully get it checked out tomorrow or the day after/possibly have to buy a new one and figure it out, but whatever happens, I’ll try to schedule as much as possible. I’ll be able to access Twitter, so I’ll let you know if anything goes wrong. Please bear with me if things are a bit late!

Hope you’re all well!

4 thoughts on “Underrated Characters | #TopTenTuesday

  1. ZUZANAAA AND MIKKK. okay technically everyone loves them BUT THEY DESERVE MORE LOVE. they deserve all the love. and cakes. ❤

    also, okay now that you pointed it out I REALLY WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT IMOGEN. like… who was she?? what was her favorite food?? was she heartbroken after kaz rejected her?? does she like waffles???



    1. PRECISELY! I adore them far too much. #RelationshipGoals. And Imogen omggg… poor kid. xD But I lowkey need a spinoff novel just to know why/how she caught Kaz’s attention and what sorts of adventures she’s having now, lol!

      Liked by 1 person

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