How to Get Over a Book Hangover | #TopTenTuesday

Book hangovers! Some of you may know that term, some of you may not, but whatever category you fall into, I probably don’t don’t have to explain what it is. Read a really, really, really good book? You’re used to reading that brilliance, and when you have to return to books that are only somewhat good- perhaps even great, had you not been involuntarily comparing it to Book Hangover Inducing Book- well, you just can’t get into it.

So you try another one. SAME THING HAPPENS.

And before long. you have a stack of books next to you that you’ve gotten a few chapters into- if you’re lucky- but no further. And you’re considering moving to New Zealand and kidnapping a few sheep to raise and watching youtube videos on how to make cheese.

As the Wise Master™ present here*, I feel it’s my duty to politely suggest a few things that you need to try next time this fate befalls you. As much fun as it is to make cheese** and as nice as it may be to live in the Shire, I don’t think it’s a great idea to kidnap sheep. You don’t want to confuse the poor animals.

*Wise Master, my foot- don’t pay attention to me because I’ve been in a book hangover for weeks and am only just barely getting out of it.
**Not even kidding, I went through a bit of a phase. It was quite good on crackers with a bit of salt and rosemary.


1. Curl up and cry in the corner.

I mean, it’s worth a shot? Maybe? At the very least, you deserve it.

2. Scroll through Tumblr and/or Twitter and/or Pinterest

Social media in general. Find your fandoms and reclaim your spot in them, now that you aren’t reading Book Hangover Inducing Book 24/7. Lose yourself in fanart and reblog/retweet everything and maybe even put in a search for the next book on your TBR.

3. Fangirl over something. Anything.

If it’s a popular enough fandom, you can probably find anything from cookbooks to knitting patterns to In Memoriam books inspired by it. If you don’t know how to cook/knit/mourn* your favorite deceased characters, learn.

If it’s not a popular-enough fandom? Write the cookbooks and knitting patterns and In Memoriam books.

*you horrible human being, how do you not know how to mourn characters? Exactly how much Game of Thrones have you been watching?

4. Give up on reading for a bit.

I don’t think it’s said enough: It’s okay to take a break. Reading is supposed to be fun, and if you aren’t enjoying it you should put it off to the side for a bit. Work at some of your other interests- knit a blanket for when you come back to reading (it’s worth the time, believe me), re-watch a show, rearrange your living space, schedule a ton of posts, write reviews for various books you haven’t gotten to review yet, cook through an entire book of Swedish coffee break recipes (I particularly like this one, the cardamom buns are spectacular)- you get my point. Invest your time in something else you’re interested in, and when you come back to whatever book is next on the TBR, it’ll be easier to get in to.

5. Take a nap

It’s not a bad idea. I don’t know how conducive it is to getting over the book hangover, but, well- if you’ve just finished a good book, chances are you eschewed sleep in favor of reading. If you have done this, you should take a nap.

Image result for sleep gif
No. YOU need sleep.

6. Try again.

Once you’ve taken a bit of a rest and are feeling (hopefully) somewhat refreshed, try again. Book hangovers don’t usually last forever, and you should be able to get back to your TBR soon enough. If anything, pure desperation and fear of the TBR* will end the hangover eventually.

*It’s a well-known fact that, once they grow large enough, TBR piles are sentient and will grow resentful if not managed properly. Occasionally, if large enough, they will attempt to murder you in your sleep.
Pay attention to your TBR. May the odds be ever in your favor, may the Force be with you, and

Image result for valar morghulis gif

What was the last brilliant book you read? Are you still hungover? What tips do you have for beating it back? 

2 thoughts on “How to Get Over a Book Hangover | #TopTenTuesday

  1. I mean, we’ve talked on Twitter so much but I don’t think I’ve ever PROPERLY visited your blog? Shame on me! But seriously, I’ve still got SUCH a big visit list you don’t even know. And your blog is so cool! Maybe I’ve been here once or twice, but I really need to start turning up regularly xD
    Seriously, you are hilarious. I’m marking this post to share on my Sunday post. Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger friend and not visiting xD


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