Book Review: Red Sister

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Okay then. How exactly to review this wonderful giant little book? Because guys. It’s brilliant.

Things I liked:
ASSASSIN NUNS. Need I say more? And they were done right, not like some other books with assassin nuns that I could mention. Ahem.
Nona was such a mystery. Despite it being told from her point of view, most of her backstory wasn’t revealed until, like, the last twenty pages. And I loved that.
–Just, Nona in general, okay? She was just such a small dark stabby child and I adored her.
-I loved all of the little girls. Like Harry Potter except a convent and they’re all assassins. Nona’s friends are just so cute… running around and stabbing things…. *happy sigh*
The setting was so brilliant. Like, it was dynamic and mysterious and even though there was no map, I could totally see it!
-Speaking of which, there was a Dramatis Personae! I’m pretty torn on these- sometimes they’re unnecessary, other times they’re indispensable. And most times when it’s the latter, they AREN’T THERE! But here, there was a lovely list of characters and explanation on how the convent hierarchy works and thank you.

Things I didn’t like so much
-I was occasionally lost, plot-wise. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely engaged, but I just had no idea what was going on.
This has happened with other books I’ve read by this particular author, so I’m not particularly surprised- just slightly disappointed.

But overall? (who am I even kidding, I could think of only one negative) Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Give me book two right now.

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