Hiatus Update- lots of exciting changes!!!

Hiatus Update

So I’ve been gone for a bit… *awkward pause*.

I did post a hey-I’m-on-hiatus post, yeah, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been far too long since I posted regularly. Sorry… my spring semester got waaay out of hand due to health and other random personal reasons, and I started a new job in June, so- well, I’ve been busy.

BUT not so busy that I forgot to think about blogging things. I’ve written up a few reviews, taken some pretty (I hope? *crickets*) pictures, and made the rather momentous decision to upgrade the site.


On June 26th, not only will I be celebrating my blogoversary (and having a few fun surprises coming along with that! 😉 ), but kathrynthies.wordpress.com will officially become bookwiseblog.com- same blog, but new design, new address, and perhaps even some new pages.

I’m not entirely sure if the current address will redirect to the new, so you might want to re-bookmark (bookmark in the first place? Idek) it once it happens. I’ll definitely be posting on the 26th, so if you follow me, the email you receive will have the correct link. Along with the blogoversary stuff (which you also should be excited for), I’ll go more in-depth about the changes taking place.

Hope you’re having a lovely evening!

What do you want to see from Bookwise? Tell me in the comments! Even if I’m not technically off-hiatus, yet, I’m always open to chat! And I really do value your opinion, so definitely give me suggestions! ❤ 

4 thoughts on “Hiatus Update- lots of exciting changes!!!

  1. Yay Katie! I can’t wait for you to be back, and this is such exciting news! I’ve been thinking about buying a domain and moving my blog over so it’s really mine, I might have to do it in a couple of months after we move house and settle in 😊 Looking forward to seeing your new site and whatever you post!

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