Book Review: Geekerella

This book was adorable and so relatable and oh my wooorrrd I loved it. A few cliches, but other than that,

Darien was sweet and adorable and a tortured celebrity, but he was actually really three-dimensional, as opposed to other celebrity love interests I’ve read. He was MORE than a love interest. He was a main character. And that sounds a little funny, but I’ve read so many retellings where Prince Charming was secondary and flat and just… weird- but Darien wasn’t like that. He was human. He wanted to be in control of his own life, and I relate to that so much.

Elle was a typical Cinderella character. Her mom died, her dad remarried, then died, leaving her with a stepmother and two stepsisters who could care less about her. The stepmother resents her connection with her father, and when she can’t be molded into the perfect daughter (like the stepsisters), she forces her to do more work for them all. She was awful and I may or may not have called her several names throughout the book.

Sage was the absolute greatest! She was so fun and quirky but also wonderful in that if something happened to her friends (read: Elle), the perpetrator would not get away with it. She’s also a lesbian and I freaking LOVE that. Yay to fairy godmother characters who have green hair and like girls.

And how can we forget about the whole fact that it’s based around a fandom??? Oh my WORD that was probably my favorite part. Everything is so geeky and wonderful and desperately makes me want to go to the next con asap. Fandom is home, to me. This book really brought that, and I love that so, so much. We need more books like this.

Geekerella comes out April 4! Make sure to add it on Goodreads here

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