How to be a Book Addict*

*also known as a book blogger. Ahem. Not saying anything about our sanity. No.

I am a book addict. Without a doubt. I was born and raised on the library, bringing home thirty-some chapter books after every trip when I was in kindergarten and elementary school, and I truly tested the mettle of the canvas Macy’s bag we used to transport them home. I’m looking at my bookshelves now- somewhat smaller than the average serial book-buyer- but my library pile, in contrast, is somewhat larger. The habit of checking out those thirty-some books has not faded, despite the books now being quite a bit larger. It’s a problem, to say the least! Transitioning from simply being an avid reader to being a rabid one (and book blogger) might be slightly more difficult than you expect, but it’s so worth it. SO worth it. If I could do this for a living, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Step 1: Accept your own particular brand of insanity

Aren’t we all a little mad? -The Cheshire Cat

Because face it, we are. Perhaps IRL we’re shy (*waving both hands in the air*), but online, when we get to let loose a bit, we find more of ourselves*. Maybe you tend to overuse texting shortcuts. Maybe you footnote everything. Maybe you end up calling your readers vegetable names. This all ends up leading to the branding of your blog, and so people start to recognize you by your style.

*Does that even make sense???

Step 2: Goooooodddddddrrrrreeeaaaaddsss

Goodreads is the absolute best thing for bookish people since the combination of hot chocolate, blankets, pillows, and bookshelves. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a website where you can see books and reviews, add them to shelves (Read, Currently Reading, Want To Read, plus whatever shelves strike your fancy), and review/rate them. Plus there are a ton of other features that make it overall quite incredible and yes. If you are looking to becoming a rabid book addict, I highly suggest using Goodreads as often as you can. Make bookish friends. Create a far-too-long Want To Read list. Comment on the book(s) you’re reading sarcastically. It’s incredible. (oh, and be my friend, too!!!)

Step 3: Don’t be killed by your TBR

Seriously. As soon as you start reading more often, you will find that your TBR grows far faster than you’d expect. Go to the library, the bookstore, the shelf in the doctor’s office and BOOM you’re gone. And you could die in so many ways, too! The books could become sentient and try to kill you because you aren’t reading them fast enough! You could get a fatal papercut! The stack might fall on you! The BOOKSHELF might fall on you! (hello there, Flat Reader. There’s a chapter book spinoff for you.) Or perhaps you just get so involved in the story that the book absorbs you entirely and you live out the remainder of your days as ink. Who knows? However, this is far easier said than done, so be wary. Repeat after me: The Book Is Not Your Friend. Do Not Trust It. It Will Destroy You.

Step 4: Become a recluse who only comes out of their house to get the mail.

Because books come in the mail. Once you have achieved this stage, you have reached bookish nirvana and will live forever. Do this, and you will have become one of the acclaimed Bookish Masters. I have not reached this stage yet, but SOON. *insert gif of staring into the distance dramatically*


Pinterest Roundup coming soon- I ran into some difficulties getting it up, but don’t worry! 

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