Review: A Gathering Of Shadow

In the spirit of A Conjuring of Light‘s release (yep, still on that. You read it and see how you’re reacting to it. It’s the kind of book you can’t stop thinking about) I recently reread A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows. Yesterday I reposted the thoughts I had posted back when I read ADSOM for the first time back in October (???), so today it makes sense to post my review of AGOS! I reread it on Thursday, but this review is from when I read this first. I guess this week is turning out to be me flailing over anything written by Victoria Schwab, so we’ll see if I can post something every day and manage to keep my life on track! xD My love for that woman and her books will never end…

(spoilers may be present in this review)

This… gah, this book. At first, it goes slowly, then after about halfway or so, everything happens. There’s so much in the exposition that you are tricked into thinking nothing will happen, that your poor character babies will be all right and you can just revel in the light of Red London. But then NO. BAM. Turns out, those arbitrary little scenes with characters you don’t know what to make of? Yeah, those aren’t so arbitrary after all. Everything is fine until it’s not, and then it is definitely not fine.
The world is so… grey, so to speak. I couldn’t even tell who the antagonist was for a while, and he’s definitely a victim so I still don’t know what to make of him.
Well, the human one, at least. The actual antagonist… hehe yeah he’s evil. And very much so.

Things I liked:
-Kell and Rhy’s relationship? They’re such great brothers! They can tear each other apart, but they’re also the best of buddies and threaten to kill people for the other and *happy sigh*
Of course Lila’s captain is Rhy’s former lover. Of course. And none of us saw it coming, either…
-I love how Lila and Kell are so adamant that they don’t like each other… like, ha-ha nope. Don’t waste your energy lying to yourself cause literally everyone can see it.
-Speaking of Lila and Kell? MORE FEELS.
-The worlds, especially that of Red London, are developed on even more. We get to see some of the other empires, some of the other languages and other people and I love it.
-Emery is the best, and so sarcastic and I love him…
-And there is a cat. There is a cat and her name is Esa and I can respect that.
-Most everything…

Things I didn’t like:
-Some things were kind of predictable. I don’t mind that so much, I guess, but I also like to be surprised!

-Um……*thinking hard before giving up*

So READ THIS BOOK. (But don’t be like me and take it for the first book, cause nothing is going to make sense otherwise and you’ll have to return it and then maybe someone will check it out while you read A Darker Shade Of Magic and then you have to reserve it and that’s no fun.)

One thought on “Review: A Gathering Of Shadow

  1. Haha I liked that Lila and Kell started off essentially hating each other and slowly just came to a slight realization. You’re comment about them trying to pretend they don’t like each other hahahah,


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