Frostblood Book Review

—————–spoilers present in this review——————–


Ah, FROSTBLOOD. I feel like there was a huge hype regarding this- and it didn’t quite meet expectations. I wouldn’t, however, regard it as a disappointment, because I enjoyed it! I didn’t love it per say- there were elements that I did not like at all- but most of it was incredible and yes.
To start out with, Ruby. Not only did I forget her name multiple times (it didn’t fit her!), but she annoyed me to no end. She’s got anger issues and tends to be really impulsive, doing what she wanted all the time instead of thinking things through beforehand, even if she’d been told what to do already. There were so many times that I just screamed at her in my head to PAY ATTENTION AND STOP BEING SO DARN STUPID ALREADY. But I did like her a bit more once she was in the Frost King’s court. I never really loved her, but I tolerated her.
Arcus was my baby and my precious cinnamon roll. He was pretty closed off for most of the book, but once he started opening up, asdfghjkjhgfddfghj yaaaaasssss. He’s the intimidating warrior guy character, but he’s scarred and pretty hard on the inside, as well (he’s got some bad stuff in his past that, with Ruby, comes back to bite him), and yes. I did think that his relationship with Ruby was a tad sudden (like, slowburn and then BAM), but I ship them so much…. ❤ I think I kinda expected that he was the long-lost presumed-dead king, but unlike some other books that used this tactic it seemed to fit him. He seemed to genuinely love his brother (which really sucks because his brother is that Frost King that’s a psychopath and keeps kissing Ruby and no) and have some good memories of their childhood, and he tries so much to avoid killing him. But alas for Rasmus and kabam. I’m so excited to see King Arcus in FIREBLOOD…
I loved the use of a monastery in it! The monks of Fors can be both male and female, and there are illuminators and healers and there are times for prayer and this medieval enthusiast is very very happy. They have an entire LIBRARY for heaven’s sake that Ruby spends lots of time in, so that alone is a yaaaaaaasssss factor. I really really hope that we get to see more of Brother Thistle and Brother Gamut and Sister Pastel in FIREBLOOD, because if we don’t then I’ll harness that shadow and use it to GET MORE OF MY PRECIOUS MONKS. So yes.
Read it! It’s worth it! Ruby’s annoying but you can get past it! BECAUSE YES.

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