Possession Book Review


So this story is about a girl, Constance, who in the beginning of her senior year discovers that her mother is a necromancer- and that she has inherited it. Some bad stuff is going on with the planes (where spirits go when they die and our world), and as necromancers, Constance and her mom are in charge of fixing it. When things get worse and the lines between magic and high school begin to blur, Constance, in worrying about the toll the work takes on her mother, begins working by herself to fix things- even though she isn’t exactly trained.

I did like this story! I may have shrieked when I read that her dad owned a bookstore- that I think is what hooked me at first. It did take a little bit for the story to start going and after that moved pretty quickly, and that was a major issue: I tend to really like stories that either have the exposition worked into the rising action or that do it so well you don’t even notice that the main plot’s not moving forward yet. This one took a while for me to get into, and once I did get into it, it was nearly over. 😦
Constance’s family is the best. Her dad is really worried about her and her mom, her mom works so hard to keep the peace both with the family and with the spirit realm, and her brother is cute and likes video games far too violent for a ten-year-old. Problem was, they, like most of the side characters, are pretty flat. Her parents were a bit better than Kyle, but still a bit boring. It seemed like their entire personality consisted of the statements I said earlier about them, and argh why? There was so much potential in them, and I loved how caring and sweet they were, BUT THERE WAS LIKE ZERO CONFLICT! I mean, yeah, her dad doesn’t like them being all necromancer-y, but eventually he was like ‘okay fine be safe’. IF HE WANTED THEM TO BE SAFE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE ASSERTIVE. Gosh.

Her friends at school were interesting as well. Greta- I liked Greta, but I never really connected with her. She never really made sense to me. And I figured that Seth is supposed to be the love interest, but nothing really happens? It was confusing. I did like how Seline had a bit more personality towards the end, but it was just that- towards the end. Just like most of the action. 😦


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