Pinterest Roundup: Julia

Well, it’s been a while since I did one of these. Without further ado, I present to you my third Pinterest Roundup and decidedly most exciting character- Julia Meier.



Julia is defiant. She resents her position in life- missing father, apathetic mother- and tries to run as far away as fast as she can. She defies the social norms, breaking the law in several places, uncaring, only wanting to escape and send a message to any authority daring to pen her in. She really doesn’t mind too much when they get to Iona, transitioning almost naturally.

With a taste for nice things, it’s no surprise that she was unhappy with her previous life. She lived with her mother in a tiny apartment, going out nearly every night to friends’ houses or to her favorite bar. Despite being only eighteen, she’s a frequent clubber, skilled at getting people to pay for her drinks. She likes to think that she’s discriminant,  but some things don’t reveal themselves before they occur.



As aforementioned, Julia knows her way around alcohol. She’s an expert flirt and seductress and is willing to do just about anything to get out of the shared apartment for a single night. Julia spends too many nights at her girlfriend’s apartment, capitalizing on her mother’s night shifts. She’s pretty unapologetic, too, despite breaking several laws on a regular basis, and everyone knows it. Brandon and Annemarie are a bit wary of her, but Melissa keeps her from worse habits, and for a while, all is good.



Julia has a steady girlfriend- Jaina. She bartends at the club, entirely aware of Julia’s occasional dalliances but not really caring- even having her own, sometimes. Jaina’s aware of how young Julia is, and she tries to keep an eye out for her in the crowded bar atmosphere. She is totally in love with her, but the feelings might not entirely be mutual.

Julia is bisexual, and she flaunts it like crazy. She’s the one always making the “Good bi” jokes, wrapping the pride flag around her shoulders during school pride week, and glaring daggers at anyone who dares to breathe too loudly on the Day of Silence. She is, on social media, the person who will troll anyone remotely homophobic or biphobic mercilessly and her many Tumblr followers seem to hail her as a heroine. Julia definitely basks in the attention, but she isn’t a narcissist by any means.

34c1faa24e8bd0376c50e73475a3fde5In Iona, she’s well set up. Her father, before he went missing, had her taking fencing, archery, and even horseback riding lessons for a little bit. When he was lost, the money dried up, and she and her mother moved from Germany to America several years later. For a while, the archery alone continued, but before long even that was too much. She picks it up again pretty quickly, though, catching the attention of several important individuals. Julia isn’t defenseless, by any means. She is herself, and she is proud to be so. No one will stop her. Or so she thinks.

Julia’s definitely one of my favorite characters! She’s filled with fiery passion, able to channel it into a variety of settings and towards a variety of causes. Despite sometimes appearing flippant or shallow, there’s depth in her that is revealed over the course of the books.


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