January Beautiful Books Linkup!

Tonight I’m linking up with Cait and Sky for round 3 of Beautiful Books! This month has a focus on editing, which is where I’m at with most of my stuff- so this actually comes at a perfect time!  I might have to go back and do parts 1 and 2 later…  😉

What were your writing achievements last year?

I started writing iteration 3 of the Lost Isle with my friend Karis in January and ended up with a TON of stuff that we haven’t edited yet… like, over two hundred pages of it. So yikes. Also, I drafted Lady Of Rain and won (!!!) NaNoWriMo with it, found a copy editor, and put up a Beta Reading page! So that’s crazy. I guess this past year I really threw myself into writing, just in general.

What’s on your writerly “to-do list” for 2017?

-Edit. Edit. Edit. Edit. More edit.

-Three rounds of beta-reading for Lady Of Rain, followed by more edits and rewrites and MAYBE agent querying. Maybe. Hopefully.

-It’d really be nice to get the Lost Isle drafted and organized fully… like, all three books. Which would be incredible and kinda unrealistic??? But I guess we did so much last year, so maybe not so unrealistic. I hope.

-I’d also like to draft Indemir entirely… it’s legit the hardest (not to mention the darkest) thing I’ve ever written, and it’d really be nice to get out of the drafting phase. I kinda hate drafting.

-More blogging! I’d like to get more followers on Bookwise, Instagram, and Twitter this year, tbh- plus more interaction with you guys. I like comments! Comments make me feel happy! I’m DEFINITELY not hinting at anything right now!

-I’d say ‘start another story’ but that seems like a really bad idea at this point but also NaNo. So therefore, start another story. But maybe not and rewrite instead? #choices

Tell us about your top-priority writing projects for this year!

I think Lady Of Rain takes the cake for the one I want need to work with the most. It’s at the phase where literally anything could happen with it, so I have to watch it and keep it safe and possibly knit it a nice blanket for it.

Also LOST ISLE. ❤ I feel bad about favoritism, but #favorite. But we’ve also been working on it for six years so that’s ok I guess? My first novel baby. *sniff*

How do you hope to improve as a writer? Where do you see yourself at the end of 2017?

I hope that I can learn a lot through the beta reading rounds! Since this is technically the first time I’m seriously working towards traditional publishing, I really need the advice and feedback and nice people who are willing to read my stuff. 😉

Describe your general editing process.

  1. Be bugged by family/people who know I write- about reading whatever story I’ve just finished.
  2. Get fed up by said bugging.
  3. Freak out because story = not good right now.
  4. Forget that story is 269 pages and there is limited ink/paper, print it out, hope that there’s spare paper and ink because #low
  5. Go through story, judge myself and either (a) make really harsh comments in red pen or (b) ignore it, forget about it, and not look at it for several years.
  6. Transfer marks into Scrivener ( = my heart), rewrite sections that need it, delete rewritten sections and rewrite some more
  7. Realize that I probably really ought to have more people reading it
  8. Freak out again because people = judgy human beings that like controlling things and criticizing things if they don’t like/agree with it.
  9. Realize that people probably aren’t that bad.
  10. Convince myself that yes, they are.
  11. Or maybe that’s just when it comes to politics and social justice/lack thereof.
  12. Realize exactly how screwed up humanity is.
  13. Lose faith in humanity.
  14. See one of those faith-in-humanity-regained Pinterest things, regain said faith in humanity
  15. Realize that you’re supposed to be editing, not mourning the state of the world and plotting how to change it.
  16. Realize that THE STORY THAT YOU NEED TO BE EDITING IS DIVERSE and hopefully representing depression accurately and helping educate people about it.
  17. Doubt self.
  18. Realize that beta readers could probably tell you if you got something wrong and could help fix it.
  19. Wonder if beta readers are nice people.
  20. Wonder what constitutes as a nice person.
  21. Realize that if you don’t edit, you will have to subject hopefully-nice people to the mess the story is at that point.
  23. Procrastinate even more.

You get the gist of it. There are many, many more steps I could give you. So yep.

On a scale of 1-10, how do you think this draft turned out?

I really hope my current Lady of Rain draft is at least a 6 or 7…. that’s a good beta reader question, tho. I’ll remember that! 😉

What aspect of your draft needs the most work?

Levi is supposed to have PTSD, and he… doesn’t. I wrote in my outline that he does, but for some reason, I forgot to add that into the story, sooo…. yep. I have some ideas for implementing it, though… also I ought to rewrite the prologue. And chapter 1. And maybe add more stuff to Ivalo. And make it longer. And probably just rewrite it in general, cause I obviously keep finding problems… adfghjhgfdshj

What do you like the most about your draft?

I finished it. But aside from that, I have a list of random quotes somewhere that I really like and would like to keep through the rewrites… xD

What are your plans for this novel once you finish editing? More edits? Finding beta readers? Querying? Self-publishing? Hiding it in a dark hole forever?

BETA READERS. Because you haven’t guessed by now, obviously.

And more edits. *dying*

What’s your top piece of advice for those just finished writing a first draft?

Have a critique partner who will help through moments of severe pain regarding the plot and/or characters, and who will aggressively gently remind you to keep editing and get the heck off of Pinterest/Tumblr/the internet/STOP READING THE DARN BOOK ALREADY and edit instead.


Thank you guys so much for the tag! Good things to think about! 😉 So without further ado, I really ought to be editing… so ciao!


Also, about the whole beta reader thing- here’s the page. Sign up. Please. It’s ease, I swear, and it makes me happy when I get to chat with you all. And I need feedback. So please? 😉

11 thoughts on “January Beautiful Books Linkup!

    1. Thanks! It’s not as much as it seems, especially if you have good inspiration (and the first few days were good ones)! Have you done the full program before? I did Camp a few years ago, but I’m DEFINITELY doing it this year! Can’t wait for April…
      That sounds really interesting! What’s it about? Also, I got your beta reading response- thank you so much! ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. I love hearing about other people’s writing processes coz I’m super nosy! Sounds like you have a great plan ahead for this year! I wish you the best of luck this year in all your writing and editing! Great post! X


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