Gemina Review

What can I say? This book sucked me in and definitely chewed multiple times. Plot twists…..aaasdfghujkjhgfds
I’m pretty numb right now if you are curious as to how civil I’m being. (numb and semi-exhausted, alas that we don’t have any Mount Russshmore… 😉 )
Gemina. Where to begin? There is so much to love about it, I don’t even know.
-The format = <3! It takes a bit to get used to, but since I just read ILLUMINAE a few days ago, I was still used to it! The use of radio dialogues and chat logs and emails and dialogues and all works perfectly with Nik and Hanna. Speaking of which…
-Nik!!! Nik was my baby and I loved him so much. He’s part of a crime family- The House of Knives- but he doesn’t like it. He’s spent time in jail, is tattooed (!!!), is so flirtatious (and attractive as well) that he should probably be arrested for it…. I love Nik. He’s a riot and ❤
-Ella is Nik’s cousin. After surviving a plague when she was thirteen, she’s pretty much confined to her computer. As a result, at only fifteen years old she is a hacking genius. She and Nik have the greatest relationship- banter, banter, BANTER OH MY WORD THE BANTER. They flame each other, they take advantage of each other, they tease each other to no end (Ella especially enjoys tormenting Nik) but above all, they love each other fiercely and would kill to save the other. Ella totally has an addiction to this energy drink and uses it liberally when it comes to the hacking required within the book.
-Hanna. Hanna is spoiled, but not stuck up. She knows how to get what she wants and does, but she has the greatest relationship with her dad and is incredible in general… she’s awesome at strategy and martial arts and really smart, actually. She dates a guy named Jackson and is sooooo infatuated. Also, she managed to get an earworm into the speakers (if I’m remembering correctly…), driving EVERYONE crazy, and that is a skill.
-As little as we got to see of Kady and Ezra, ❤ ❤ ❤
-THE PLOT TWISTS. Enough said.

This book took me on quite the ride and YES I NEED BOOK THREE NOW THANK YOU.

7 thoughts on “Gemina Review

  1. I really enjoy the unique way Illuminae and Gemina was made. It took me some time to get used to it but it was pretty brilliant, right? 🙂 The twists and turns this book has left me at awe. I really don’t know what to expected on each and every turn of the page. 😊

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