An Ember In The Ashes Review


This book kinda killed me. I sense a pattern in my choices…
Where do I begin? Elias was a precious cinnamon roll. Laia was so much stronger than she let on, and Izzi was adorable and I loved her. Keris was horrible and I hated her, but she’s one of the better-written sadist villains I’ve seen in books. I have some choice names for Marcus, I just won’t say them aloud. Helene… ❀ I relate to Helene a lot, which is kinda scary but true.
There are faint Romeo-and-Juliet vibes (opposing sides yet hints at romance, both have someone else that they could possibly fall in love with. So TWO well-written love triangles, and it WORKS REALLY WELL AND I LOVE IT! It’s exactly as confusing as relationships usually are in reality, and I LOVE IT.
At first, it was slightly difficult to get into, although that might have just been my book hangover from ILLUMINAE (because face it, THAT BOOK), but I started it again this morning and asdfghjhgfdfghjhgfdsdfghgfddf I’m dead.

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