The Red Queen Book Review

*spoilers may be present in this review*

I am very confused.
So, I’ve heard mixed reviews of this- people really don’t agree. I wanted to read it to see exactly WHY the problems were there, and I found them all right.

But good things first:
Mare. Mare was a riot- she’s so arrogant and has no control over her tongue, and she reminded me a ton of Aelin Galathynius. She loves her family and her friends, and really just wants to survive and maybe make the world a little better.
-LIGHTNING. I ended up sitting and thinking for, like, ten minutes comparing the advantages and disadvantages of fire vs. lightning. (Fire is weak when you’re on a boat b/c of all the water, lightning is crazy powerful, etc) I feel like it’s a magic not commonly used in SF/F
-This is actually the first dystopian that I’ve read that doesn’t feel like a dystopian. I forgot a few times and then oops, cameras, guns, motorcycles (yay motorcycles!), hi-tech stuff, etc! I’m not a fan of dystopian, so this is good.

Not so great:
I was confused, like, the entire time. Who’s dead? Wait, they aren’t dead? I thought she liked him and now she doesn’t? What the heck is going on?!?!?!?! SO MUCH MADE SO LITTLE SENSE.
-The whole end Maven-is-a-evil-little-psychopath plot twist? I feel like it could have been done REALLY well and it had a TON of potential, but in the end, it just came out of the blue, and ONCE AGAIN I don’t know what the heck is with it.
-WHAT ARE HER FEELINGS TOWARD CAL? KILORN? Like, I know she kinda hates/is filled with a burning desire to kill Maven now, so that kills the love-square, but so far her feelings to Kilorn seem very platonic, and she kissed Cal but then hated him but then kissed him again and they’re friends but their not? #veryconfused
-I thought Farley was dead (didn’t she… say so? Yet when she saw her again there wasn’t much of a reaction?) Just…. ????
-Shade coming back was…. ummmm a bit too perfect.

I wanted to love this I really did! And I tried, and I LOVED the premise so I’ll definitely finish the series, but ultimately, I was disappointed. There’s so much that COULD have been done and wasn’t, and so much that was just extra and didn’t need to be there, and just…. what even. 😦 I hope Glass Sword is better!!

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