Christmas books

I guess that’s a bit of a misnomer- these books aren’t about Christmas, nor are they all received at Christmas. But holiday season, and all. So without further ado, here’s the book haul beginning in late November (Thanksgiving) through Christmas!

Things Fall Apart– Chinua Achebe: I actually needed this for a class, so it was pretty cool that I received this in the mail in time! I’ve read a few other things by the author, and so I’m really excited to start it!

Scythe– Neal Shusterman: asdfgfdsd this book oh my word- I’ve started reading it in a library book, had to return it midway and died a little inside. So I’m really excited to finish it!

A Million Worlds With You- Claudia Gray: I LOVE the  Firebird trilogy with a burning passion- probably one of my favorite series.  I got this a little before Thanksgiving, but pfft. Semantics. Just THIS BOOK OH MY WORD. THE COVER. THE PLOT. THE CHARACTERS. #love

A Darker Shade of MagicV.E. Schwab: *crying* Victoria Schwab is one of my favorite authors, hands-down. The times we have interacted on Twitter (very few but dear to me… *sniff*) have been awesome! I’m in love with this series, and when A Conjuring of Light comes out, I swear I will be, like, the first to buy it. BECAUSE MY POOR BABIES ARE IN DANGER AND KELL AND LILA AND RHY AND GUYSSSS.

Vicious-V.E. Schwab: Again, VICTORIA SCHWAB. This is a glorious twisted superhero story that deals with so many themes and antiheroes and what-is-right-here and ASDJKLKJHGF THE FEELS.

The Diabolic– S.J. Kincaid: Currently reading this, but it’s on hold a moment… alas. Because I really like it so far! It’s dark and it’s sci-fi and it’s got an edge and I love it, but darn it library books THAT CANNOT BE RENEWED B/C THEY’RE NEW. Man. *steaming*

The Raven Boys– Maggie Stiefvater: ❤ so much. Blue is incredible, I love my raven boys, and the general atmosphere? asdfghndfhjklkj.

The Dream Thieves– Maggie Stiefvater: I HAVE MORE OF THIS. IT IS WONDERFUL.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue– Maggie Stiefvater: I love this series to epic proportions. Maggie Stiefvater just has a unique voice that kills me every time and makes me cry* and I love it so much. So the fact that I NOW HAVE EVERY BOOK IN THIS SERIES MINUS ONE makes me happy! REALLY happy!!!

Empire of Storms– Sarah J. Maas: Need I say anything at all? Another favorite author. And this series and the ACOTAR/ACOMAF/ACOWAR series are, like, tied for my favorite of all time. Just…. the feels. THE FEELS. I NEED BK6 LIKE NOW.

Heartless ARC– Marissa Meyer: Haven’t read yet, but I loved the Lunar Chronicles (Need more of them, just sayin’) and Alice in Wonderland retelling? Yes, please. And there is a bakery involved, so let’s just say I’m anticipating this quite a bit…

Six of Crows– Leigh Bardugo: THIS SERIES. I cannot flail over it enough. I got Crooked Kingdom back in earlyish November, so the fact that I have all of them now… *sobbing copiously because feels*

All right. I’m pretty sure that covers it- oh, minus the new Bible I got, which is really awesome as well! I’m really happy to have one of my own, without a ton of old notes from my mom (the one I’ve been using used to be hers), as nice as it is to have them! No maps, which is a shame because I LOVE maps, but still! It’s a gorgeous one, too, and it was free… *swoon*.

So that it. Looking back at the list it kinda makes sense as to why my wallet is significantly lighter, despite many of these being gifts… yikes. I doubt I’ll be buying more in the coming months.

Many more, at least. So if you ever need to re-home a book, feed my addiction, please… 🙂 Otherwise,  I will eat nothing but ramen for a good long while. I’d like to skip that stage.

What books have you all got in the past few weeks? Any crazy string of impulse buys like me? We ought to form a support group and possibly get therapy, because heaven knows we need it.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!



*I just realized how much I say that I’m not a weepy cinnamon roll stereotype INFP and look how much I’ve used the *sobs in corner*/varient thing… I SWEAR I AM NOT LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE. In real life I am Vulcan. Stoic. Emotionless. LOTR-elf. Dalek w/out the whole extermination-thing. Lucius Malfoy.  Cinder. Lila Bard. PLEASE BELIEVE ME.

4 thoughts on “Christmas books

  1. Great book haul!! I’m a little jealous lol. I’m also currently reading The Diabolic and it’s SO COOL, and I was in the middle of Heartless (which is amazing) but then I had to return it…so now I’m on this huge wait list again.


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