Draft Prime

Don’t even ask why I used Latin. I don’t know. Only that the first draft of Lady of Rain is finished and I feel like either dying inside or exploding.


After 44 days, I have drafted a novel. With a final word count of around 55k (I cut out a chapter- I’m going to have to rewrite that one first, it truly was awful, even for a first draft.), I printed it all* out the other night and have begun the process of marking it up to edit.

So this is happening and yes, I’m really excited! I mean, I’m only about four chapters in (there are forty) and I’m getting some good notes for editing! I do have a copyeditor, but developmental edits will be needed soon- so if you  or anyone you know will do it for free or at very low cost, I’d appreciate the recs! Alpha readers will be needed soon, so if you’re interested, just drop me a line! I’ll do a post on the difference between alpha and beta readers pretty soon, if you are confused!

Anyway, this marks a big turning point in Lady of Rain. Instead of writing purely new plot, I’m going into the world of rewriting, editing, receiving feedback and editing again. I’ll keep you all posted regarding this journey!


*yes, it is 270 pages. No, I didn’t mean to print that much. And no, we still have a bit of paper and some ink… not much, though.

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