NaNoWriMo 2016!

***trigger warning: suicide***


Okay, fine, two and a half. But that’s not much more. But November means one thing in my book, and that is NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month, if you’ve never heard of it- it’s a worldwide challenge to write a 50,000+-word-novel in the thirty days of the month. I’ve done it before, but never the full program officially*.

This year I’m doing a weird mashup of genres that I haven’t been able to put my finger on yet. There are fantasy elements- mini dragons**, multiverse, etc- but also post-apocalyptic things. So idk.

But anyway, it’s the story of a girl who attempts suicide but ends up in another world- the twin of ours. She wakes up in the home of this boy- Levi, a seventeen-year-old widower and single father- and his sister, who rescued her. As his wife was killed in a catastrophe originating in our world and coming to their’s (like Ruth, the girl), he’s immediately suspicious of her. But long story short, they along with the sister’s friend end up trying to figure out how to stop anything else from getting across the boundaries, since THINGS KEEP HAPPENING AND PEOPLE KEEP DYING. And stuff.

So that probably made no sense, but I’m still trying to figure it out too. Which isn’t good. Seeing as I have TWO FLIPPING DAYS.

*I’ve done (and won) the YWP at least twice (can’t remember, don’t judge!), but with the full program I’ve only ever been able to do it handwriting or sans-internet. It’s a long story.
**I think? At least a Loch Ness monster. BUT WE NEED DRAGONS SO



Bullet Journal

I honestly don’t know if I’m going to jump on this bandwagon or not. I spent waaay too long setting this up yesterday, and while I feel pretty prepared thanks to it, but idk if I’m actually prepared. It’s mainly resources and little forms right now. But so far the pages I have for NaNo are:

  • General Info: synopsis, pre-November checklist, etc
  • Day-by-day logs: Word count goal, words achieved, homework due and to do, events of that particular day, and general notes.
  • Rewards
  • Word count graph and tracker
  • Character bank: Names that’ll fit the setting and plot.
  • Setting notes
  • Scenes and plot points
  • Research and notes
  • Character sketches

So that takes up a good chunk of the book, but there’s STILL room for more. So I have a general writing section as well, where I have:

  • Character Archetype notes
  • MBTI chart
  • What if…?: A page for random questions and plot bunnies that pop into my head
  • Title ideas
  • Character names
  • MORE character sketches.

And then I have the rudimentary calendars. But hopefully they will help, and if I ever get good lighting here, I’ll get pictures for you and do an update on how it goes.

Scrivener Outlining


Scrivener is a program for writers that want to go beyond Word or Google Docs. You create a document, and within that document you can create littler documents- chapters, scenes, character and setting sheets, etc. They even give you templates. And get this- when you’re done, you can download it in a ton of different formats: EPUB, Paperback Novel, Screenplay- the list goes on. And on. And on.

For outlining, I love their corkboard.

(I’m still transferring stuff from my notebook. And yes, I don’t have that much outlined yet either. Don’t judge.)

I have an index card for each document, and under the Manuscript folder, I can see each chapter. I’m just writing little notes about each one at the moment, using it to get an overview of where I want it to go. On the sidebar, you can kind of see how it works- all the little folders within the bigger document.


I also have a doc where I’m listing everything I know about the story in hopes it will get me somewhere. You can kind of see that I’ve got a hint of a storyline in it, but it’s mainly just comments and notes about the characters and settings.



Screenshot (8).png

Ah, Pinterest. The bane of my existence. I get so darn caught up in all the writing articles and Tumblr posts and abandoned buildings and knives that I just stop writing. But no joke

But no joke, Lady of Rain was entirely inspired by a board. I had no idea what I’d do for NaNo, I looked at the board I’d created SPECIFICALLY FOR INSPIRATION, and voila! There was a good deal more searching and perhaps one nearly-late assignment because I stayed up too late working, but the story is now here! And in the past, it’s been an invaluable resource for visualizing and random MBTI searches (hey, character development!) So it’s good.
So on to outlining. Cause I need it.

Happy noveling!

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